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Original Suddenly Slender

original Suddenly Slender THE Body Wrap® since 1969

Decreasing actually and certainly! Whole body compress and facial compress

CHF 150.-

The first treatment

The proven body treatment to the problem zone fight and extent reduction - to detoxify, tighten and become more slender.

With the unique body compress method the fat combustion process, the fat metabolism and the lymph flow are activated. This leads to a thorough purification, decontamination and deacidification of the body.

The high mineral salt concentration which is brought with the compress on the skin pushes the minerals and the poison materials with the water in the lymph where they are processed. The unterskin fatty tissue tightens, edemas decrease, the skin is cleaned.

Body compresses are right for:

  • Women with floppy skin as a result of pregnancy or decrease in weight
  • Women with cellulite
  • The people who want to lose centimetre
  • Therapy-accompanying for the people who suffer from eczemas or scale lichens
  • The people who wanted to form no overweight, but her figure better
  • Women with stretch stripe because these become visibl by the skin rationalisation less
  • The people who cannot decrease at certain places
  • everybody which want to look good
  • everybody which well want to feel
  • People with dry or smoker's skin

Aims of the body compresses method:

  • Fat reduction
  • Purification
  • Decontamination
  • Fabric strengthening and rationalisation
  • Suggestion of the hermit monk's innovation

For optimum results we recommend a cure of 3-10 treatments. Then reaches a regular revitalisation.


90 min. CHF 150.-
10er Abo CHF 1400.-

Decreasing actually and certainly


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Decreasing actually and certainly Decreasing actually and certainly Decreasing actually and certainly