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Diode laser hair removal

Painless, gentle and long-lasting

With our diode laser, thanks to the cold sapphire tip, we offer you a painless, gentle and reliable solution for hair removal. With the "in motion" method, a movement technique, hair is effectively removed even from hard-to-reach areas of the body.
A laser is a light source that is generated by external action on a material. It is important to know that different wavelengths can be generated depending on the material.
Laser is an abbreviation of the English language and means: Amplification through Stimulated Radiation Emission. A device for generating and amplifying coherent light.

Please read carefully for your information.

Everyone speaks individually about hair removal.
Hormonal changes in the body can falsify the result.
If possible, avoid the sun / solarium for 7 days before the treatment.
NOT pluck / epilate / wax your hair 5-6 weeks before the procedure!
Please shave cleanly 24 hours before the session, as every millimeter above the skin root is lost!
Don't apply makeup before or after session on your face.
There is usually no reddening on the treated areas of the body, do not be irritated by biological redness when heated and disappear after a few minutes with improved blood circulation.

During treatment.

During the treatment with diode lasers, profound heat is released. The aim is to generate so-called warming under the skin. You will surely feel a pleasant warmth in the treated area.
The ideal interval between treatments is around 3-12 weeks, as this corresponds to the individual hair growth cycle.

After treatment.

The skin's natural sun protection is greatly reduced after the intensive light treatment. Apply a sun block (Spf 30-50) for at least a week. The hair only falls out after 1 to 5 weeks. DO NOT pluck your hair, shaving is allowed.

Price per body area

Eyebrows CHF 59.-
Upper lip CHF 59.-
Cheekbones CHF 64.-
Chin CHF 59.-
Neck CHF 64.-
Whole face incl. neck CHF 169.-
Armpits CHF 64.-
Hands CHF 64
Shoulders CHF 114.-
Forearms CHF 114.-
Whole arms, incl. hands e CHF 219.-
Chest CHF 169.-
Pacifier CHF 59.-
Belly CHF 169.-
Belly and chest, incl. neck CHF 319.-
Belly stripes CHF 64.-
Shoulder CHF 69.-
Upper back CHF 169.-
Lower back CHF 169.-
Whole back incl. neck CHF 319.-
Buttocks CHF 114.-
Hessian fold CHF 64.-
Bikini area CHF 64.-
Genital area incl. bikini line CHF 114.-
Intimate area incl. buttoks and bikini line CHF 169.-
Thigh with bikini line CHF 179.-
Knee CHF 59.-
Shin CHF 154.-
Legs CHF 59.-
Whole legs incl. feet and bikini line CHF 385.-
Whole body CHF 969.-

Diode laser hair removal


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