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Endospheres Therapy

97,8 % client satisfaction rating- clinically tested
2 dress sizes dropped-perfection without surgery
-2,5 cm in the circumference
Die Endospheres Therapy is an effective innovative method of correction of the figure and oval of the face, which has no analogues. A painless procedure that gives a visible result after the first procedure. Many people say they feel like they have done some exercise. Endospheres Therapy is effective and gentle. This allows it to be combined with other treatments which are invasive to achive better results. It has been successfully used before and after liposuction, laser lipolysis and surgery.
A unique device acts on the skin by compression microvibration, without squeezing or damaging it. In the massage manipulator of the device there are 50 silicone spheres that vibrate, affecting even the deeper layers of tissues, remove toxins and excess fluids, and accelerate metabolism. The skin becomes more elastic and even, pain is relieved.
Eliminates cellulite
It improves blood circulation, reduces the visibility of the orange peel and smoothes tissues.
Tightens skin
Compressive microvibration strengthens the skin and restores tone.
Models body contours
Strengthens the oval of the face, lifts the cheekbones, corrects the figure after the first session.
Burns fat
Endosphere therapy gently affects the skin and removes fat from problem areas of the body.
Eliminates muscle pain
The device removes lactic acid from the body, so the pain in the muscles goes away.
Relieves heavy legs
Endosphere therapy stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the legs.

You will need a cours of 8-12 sessions depending on the severity of the condition. Can be done every 2-3 days.

First trial Endospheres treatment 20 min. CHF 75.-

The treatment duration Costs
45 min. CHF 145.-
Course 6 sessions CHF 820.-
Course 10 sessions CHF 1450.-
+11 session free (worth CHF 145.-)
75 min. CHF 230.-
Course 6 sessions CHF 1170.-
Course 10 sessions CHF 2150.-
+11 session free (worth CHF 230.-)
90 min. CHF 280.-
Course 6 sessions 10 mal CHF 1440.-
Course 10 sessions 10 mal CHF 2650.-
+11 session free (worth CHF 280.-)

Endospheres Therapy for Face »
Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy as follows:
  • Applies a special massage agent to the body
  • Selects nozzle rotation speed
  • Working with the manipulator on problem erias.
Guaranteed result after complete completion of the course!
Endospheres Therapy contraindications:
  • Trombophlebitis
  • Postoperative period
  • Exacerbation of inflammatory processes on the skin
  • The precence of canser and infections diseases
  • Pregnancy

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Results after 12 sessions
Endospheres Therapy Body