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Myostructural face massage

Let your skin enjoy the best skin care

60 min. CHF 120.-

Myostrukturelle facial massage became from the leader of the institute of manual therapy "Inmaster" (Barcelona, Spain), Pr. Of Enrique Castell García on the base of the newest technologies develops.

The Myostrukturelle massage is called "facial massage" because it determines exactly for the face, still she also contains the napes, shoulder, hand, Dekolletemassage as well as relaxation of the upper back area.

The results of the massage can be as follows:

  • Maximum muscle relaxation
  • To untie fabric buildup
  • Normalisation of the metabolism
  • Ageing process slow down
  • Blood mike circulation and lymphatic drainage improvement
  • Relief of the emission of the metabolism products instead of
  • The fabric feeds itself with oxygen

Take time for themselves to fill in the positive energy and pleasant rest again.


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