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This is a method of cosmetological rejuvenation, aimed at eliminating and preventing the first signs of aging and wilting of the skin, increasing its tone and elasticity through low-dose transdermal injection of stimulating drugs (mesococktails) into problem areas.

A popular procedure called mesotherapy has been delighting clients of cosmetology clinics for over 50 years. They quickly solve a number of problems with the skin of the face, so you can forget about surgery - after a few sessions. The skin of the face simply shines.

What is Mesotherapy?

These are injections of individually selected vitamins, antioxidants, coenzymes (coenzymes), nucleic acids, amino acids, minerals, extracts of medicinal plants, as well as unstabilized (identical to natural) hyaluronic acid, which are injected into the middle layer of the dermis. As a result, blood circulation improves, accelerates the regeneration process, improves metabolism in skin cells, as well as increases its elasticity and tone.

The peculiarity of mesotherapy is that it allows you to touch not only the superficial layers of the skin - and this is much better than external agents. It is much more effective than others, as it helps to improve the skin from the inside. Moreover, the list of advantages of the injection includes the almost complete absence of contraindications.

Result after the Mesotherapy

This method gives a long-term effect that does not appear immediately - from 2 to 4 weeks. On average, a full course will take 5 - 7 sessions, after which you can forget about the problem. Want to sign up for a session?

Contact the administrator of the Beauty Institut Zurich to find out the cost of the procedure, as well as its features. Here you will always receive expert advice and an effective, high-quality procedure. The result will not be long in coming.


  • Prevention of facial aging
  • Couperose on the face
  • Dull complexion, loss of skin elasticity and firmness
  • Oily skin, enlarged pores
  • Photoaging
  • Preparation and restoration after chemical, mechanical peeling
  • Acne is not in the acute stage, post acne
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Preparation and rehabilitation after laser skin resurfacing/li>
  • Scar Treatment

Number of procedures

One procedure of face mesotherapy is not enough to solve the problem of skin aging; it is necessary to carry out a course consisting of several procedures. Moreover, the total number of procedures in each specific case is determined by a specialist doctor and depends on the patient's age, the range of problems to be solved and their complexity. Therefore, it can vary from 4 to 10 sessions.

. For example, to smooth mimic wrinkles around the eyes, the so-called crow's feet, 3 procedures will be enough, for a facelift at least 5 sessions are required. A week or two break is made between procedures. Facial mesotherapy is often combined with other cosmetic procedures (for example, superficial peeling) to achieve the most persistent and long-lasting effect.


  • The presence of allergic reactions
  • Renal and hepatic impairment
  • Individual intolerance to certain drugs, their components
  • Oncology
  • Diabetes
  • Skin diseases
  • Vascular pathology
  • Pregnancy (3 semester) and breastfeeding
  • Violation of blood clotting processes
  • Taking anticoagulants

Mesotherapy Face 60 min. CHF 250.-
Mesotherapy Eyes 30 min. CHF 100.-
Mesotherapy Neck + Dekolleté 60 min. CHF 250.-
Mesotherapy Hands 40 min. CHF 200.-
Mesotherapy Face + neck + dekolleté 60 min. CHF 400.-
Mesotherapy against hair loss 30 min. CHF 250.-

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