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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy is also called "oxygen mesotherapy".

The Oxyjet Leo Nora Bode device generates 98% pure oxygen from the air.
Using the pressure of pure oxygen (2 atm) projected onto the skin, the active components are introduced into the epidermis.


  • The pulsed oxygen pressure injection
  • Special cosmetic formulations penetrate the epidermis due to the high pulsed pressure and thus ensure the formation of an active substance depot in the deep layers of the skin. The skin appears plump and smooth, pigment disorders and impurities are reduced
  • The pulsed oxygen pulses vitalize and energize the skin


  • Oxygen-cold lifting
  • A cool, sparkling, fresh cocktail of cold, oxygen and ampoule of active ingredients is applied
  • The deliberately applied cold tightens the skin, reduces swelling and inflammation and, in synergy with the concentrated oxygen, ensures a fine-pored, rosy complexion with lifted contours


  • The gentle oxygen spray stimulates the skin's own immune system, reduces irritation after microdermabrasion or aggressive peels and accelerates wound healing.
  • By combining with special
  • Spray fluids intensively moisturize, soothe and refresh the skin.
Oxyjen mesotherapy 75 min. CHF 175.-
Oxyjen mesotherapy with Dermabrasion 90 min. CHF 220.-

Oxygen Therapy Age of the Customer: 53 years
Number of sessions: 10 during 4 weeks
Oxygen Therapy Age of the Customer: 65 years
Number of sessions: 3 during 2 weeks
Oxygen Therapy Age of the Customer: 45 years
Number of sessions: 5 during 4 weeks

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